Stephanie Kalin

Stephanie Kalin

She was a born volunteer. In her earliest years, she became active in her church, the Salvation Army, and the Needham Red Feather where she ultimately became chairman of the Annual Needham Campaign. She was a volunteer at the Needham Community Council, embracing the motto “People helping People.”

In 1963 she was asked to work full time for the Council. In 1966 the Board appointed her Director. It was a natural bonding. The Council needed a dynamic, committed leader. Stephanie was ready for the structured challenge now available to her. When she started, she was the single employee. Her desk was second hand. She had limited resources, and a handful of volunteers. When she retired in 1996, the Council had six full time employees, 154 volunteers, and a building that it purchased. Second hand desks may still be seen.

Her accomplishments extend well beyond “doing a job.” They are almost too numerous to list. She inaugurated a food pantry, a used clothing exchange, a furniture exchange, home visits, and food baskets.

Amazingly enough, despite those activities that occupied her fully throughout a long day, she continued to volunteer her services to her church, the American Cancer Society, and the March of Dimes.

She was always modest, and felt undeserving of the attention bestowed upon her. Many others in the community knew differently. The love she gave to others was reciprocated by the many whom she touched in a variety of ways.